One of the great things about live TV and live radio is that you never know what is going to happen.  Sure, most of the time, things go as planned.  Other times, not so much.

The trio if anchors working at WABI TV on Thanksgiving morning learned this lesson in a hilarious way.

Anchors Logan Hoffman & Joy Hollowell and meteorologist Todd Simcox decided to have some fun on Thursday morning.  In addition to providing viewers with news and weather, they decided that they would spend a portion of their show cooking a turkey dinner in an air fryer.

This included the main dish: the turkey.

Normally, when someone cooks a turkey, they either go with an oven or deep fryer.  Occasionally, you'll hear about someone trying to smoke their turkey.  Not very often, though.

Lars Blankers, Unsplash
Lars Blankers, Unsplash

Since they were working with what they had on-hand, the news crew at WABI chose to go with an air fryer to cook their turkey.  This probably would not have been a big deal if they had chosen a smaller turkey, or if they had a larger air fryer.

That's not how it played out, though.

In the middle of the segment, they made the discovery that the turkey was just a little bit too big to fully fit in their air fryer.  They ended up flipping the bird over, which allowed them to cram it into the fryer.  If you know much about air fryer cooking, you know that they can be kind of finicky, so it really was not a big surprise that the whole thing started smoking.

You can watch the video HERE.

We are just glad to hear that they were eventually able to cook the turkey (and that they did not burn down the studio).

They also tried their hand at making some other Thanksgiving classics in the air fryer.  They made green bean casserole, bread, deviled eggs, and apple pie desserts.

What is your go-to way of cooking a turkey?  You can tell us all about it by messaging us inside our app.

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