Normally, when police respond to a motor vehicle crash, they find what they would expect to find.  One or more vehicles that have sustained damage, injured people, etc  Occasionally, though, they get a surprise.

That is exactly what happened when first responders arrived on the scene of a late Wednesday night crash in Lincoln.

According to WMTW, when they arrived on the scene of the Main Street, Lincoln crash they found four men, including a man named Christopher Mitchell.

The article explains that, inside the truck Mitchell was driving, police say they found several items that he was not supposed to have in his possession.  As a condition of his bail, he was not supposed to have weapons.  Inside the truck, they reportedly found three loaded guns, ammunition, two knives, ski masks, zip tie-style handcuffs, metal handcuffs, brass knuckles, and a drug kit.

They also reportedly found a notebook that contained pages talking about tactical gear and camouflage clothing.

Police have not commented on why Mitchell had the items or what he was planning to do with them.  There is no word on the details of the crash.

The article also states that another man was arrested on drug charges.

***All suspects are considered innocent until being convicted in a court of law***

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