The weather leading up to strawberry season in Maine has been perfect and it looks like it will be a very good season. Strawberry season in Maine is usually late June until mid July. Plan an afternoon with the family and do some strawberry picking. Here's a quick guide of farms that you can do some strawberry picking.Bowdoin: Feinmore's Strawberry Farm, 92 Keay Road, 353-2360

Bowdoinham: Fairwinds Farm, 332 Augusta Road, 729-1872

Burnham: Flying Fox Nursery and Farm, 166 Pond Road, 948-5535

Dresden: Goranson Farm, 250 River Road, 737-8834

Freedom: Raven's Berry Farm, 127 Raven Road, 382-6329

Greene: Ridgeside Farm, 31 Anson Road, 946-2091

Lincoln: Ireland Farms, 6 Sweet Road, 794-8084

New Gloucester: Pineland Farms/Gilliespie Farms, 752 Mayall Road, 657-2877

Oxford: Fairwinds Berry Farm, 346 Skeetfield Road, 890-9601

Palmyra: Cray's Produce, Route 151, 936-2006

Poland: Chipman Farm, 62 Range Hill Road, 998-2027

Sweden: Pietree Orchard, 803 Waterford Road, 647-9419

Turner: Dot Rupert's Strawberry Farm, Fern Street, 966-2721

Wales:Roaring Brook Nurseries, 639 Gardiner Road, 375-8682

Wayne: Stevenson's Strawberries, Berry & Tucker Roads, 685-3532

Happy Picking!

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