This story infuriates me to no end.  How does this happen???  Buses now come outfitted with bright lights...flashing STOP signs...yet, that still isn't enough to prevent a car from blasting through and hitting an innocent student. 

WHAT is going on in a driver's head...that a twinkling, flashing block of orange on wheels...goes completely unnoticed?  Wasn't because the sun was in their eyes!!  But, apparently, something pretty epic had to be going on in the mind of 51 year-old Eileen Bayor from Union.  Because, whatever it caused Bayor to completely not even notice the flashy school bus thingy...and a STUDENT crossing the road this morning.

According to the Kennebec Journal:

A teen was struck by a car early Wednesday morning as he crossed Route 17 in Windsor to board a school bus that had stopped on the far side of the road with its lights flashing, police said.

The boy, 14-year-old Tennyson Lincoln of Somerville, suffered bumps and bruises in the crash, said Steve McCausland, spokesman for the Maine Department of Public Safety.

Bayor was charged with failing to stop for a school bus.

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