It's the one thing we've all been wondering about. Concerts. What will happen to our concerts? You know, Maine wasn't always lucky enough to have a slew of major acts rolling across our state lines as we are now. The addition of major concert venues has been a God-send to us music loving, pit standing Mainers.

Now that all of these regulations are in place, not only is our traditional concert season looking bleak, but Maine outdoor entertainment as a whole could be affected through the entire summer.

Well, there may be a solution. We've already seen drive-in church services becoming a successful temporary alternative to inside worship, so why not concerts?

Erik's Church, a well-known country music bar and dancing spot in Windham, has decided to host an outdoor drive-in concert on Monday, May 11th. The show will feature Isaiah Bennett and American Ride. Pricing is $20 per vehicle and $10 per motorcycle. Erik's has also agreed to provide bathroom service on a limited capacity basis.

The show will go from 3p-7p and if the weather isn't the best, they will host a rain-date on Tuesday, May 12th. If you're interested in tickets to this outdoor show click here.

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