Every few years, we get a new Maine law designed to combat climate change and/or clean up our environment.  A few years ago, it was a ban on "single use" plastic bags.  I used quotes because most of us always re-used those plastic bags.  They were super convenient for carrying lunch to work and for cleaning out the litter box.  Right?

More recently, there has been a lot of talk about limiting the number of gasoline and deisl-powered vehicles sold in the state each year.

Now, we are learning that a new law will ban the sale of fluorescent lightbulbs in the near future.

According to an article on WMTW, a statewide ban on the sale of fluorescent lightbulbs will go into effect in January of 2026.  This will make Maine the seventh state to ban that type of bulb.

The reason for the ban is the fact that these bulbs contain mercury.  Mercury is a neurotoxin that can cause all kinds of nasty problems.  According to the Cleveland Clinic, inhaling mercury can cause all kinds of health problems, including trouble breathing and bleeding gums.  Later on, it can cause all kinds of nasty neurological issues like trouble walking, double vision, and memory loss.

Adam Kring / Unsplash
Adam Kring / Unsplash

Of course, there is no danger from the bulbs when they are in use.  The problems happen when the bulb is broken and the chemical escapes.

The plan would be for any fluorescent bulbs to be replaced by LED lightbulbs and LED light panels.  LEDs are way more versatile, much more energy-efficient, and last a long time.  The average LED light will operate for 100,000 hours!  That's about 11 years of continuous operation!

Keep in mind that it is illegal to just throw away a fluorescent bulb.  Get more details about how to properly dispose of old bulbs at the Maine Gov website.

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