I am a reality TV enthusiast! It is such a fun escape from our day-to-day lives. I have thought about throwing my hat in the ring for a few reality shows that I love to watch, The Circle on Netflix being one of them. When I saw my fellow radio gal Hayley Smith-Rose announce that she was going to be a contestant on a brand-new reality show on Netflix, I had lots of questions!

A little about Hayley:

While she now live sin Maine, she was born and raised in Nashua, New Hampshire, and graduated from Nashua High School North in 2010. She absolutely LOVED growing up there! Hayley and her best friend Becca have a podcast called Fever Dream Diaries where they reminisce about their high school days, and have even interviewed classmates about their Nashua experience at their reunion last year. Hayley was voted "Biggest Gossip" in high school, so the fact that she pursued a career in radio is not so surprising to anyone who knows her.

Turns out Hayley is a reality TV lover too. From Survivor to The Jersey Shore, she loves it all! It was after seeing The Circle on Netflix that she was inspired to try her hand at it. After she applied, Studio Lambert (production company for The Circle) reached out to let her know they weren't currently casting for The Circle. Womp Womp. HOWEVER, they recommended she try applying to this new show called Surviving Paradise, and it's all history from there.

Hayley told me that going into the show, none of the contestants knew its premise. She's glad for that, though, because the mystery really made it extra special. She started her experience at a luxurious villa, and next thing she knew she was sleeping in a hammock in the wilderness without as much as a toothbrush to call her own.

Hayley describes the show as:

"a wild ride of twists, turns, and deceit! Alliances became more important than ever. We all wanted to be friendly with each other, but we all also REALLY wanted to win $100,000 LOL it's a rollercoaster! "


At the time of publishing this article, I am three episodes in. I could have easily binged the entire series over this rainy weekend, but am trying to savor it like a good dessert. You don't want the fun to end!

Hayley is an absolute delight to watch. When she enters the villa in episode one, her energy and spirit is contagious. The other cast members can tell they are in the presence of a positivity queen. When she intros herself on the show, she compares herself to a Golden Retriever in that she's loving, easy to get along with, and loyal. Who doesn't love a Golden Retriever?!

Watch our girl navigate life between the wilderness and luxury on Surviving Paradise, now streaming on Netflix.

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