News of a middle school student being denied school lunch at J.A. Leonard Middle School this week because a parent owed money on the account, has Mainers offering to solve the problem.Here's a recap of what had happened.

The news spread statewide and many Mainers wanted to take action. Patty Hildreth of Standish wanted to know how much money was owed to RSU 34 schools for delinquent lunch accounts. She called the district office but couldn't get through to anybody. She wanted to offer to pay the bill on her own.

A Hampden man went to Sam's Club in Bangor and bought 10 loaves of bread and two big jars each of peanut butter and strawberry jam and later delivered it to the school.He spent $36.36 and his donation was gladly accepted from the school.

RSU 34 Superintendent David A. Walker had noted that there are about 1,500 students in the school system and told the Bangor Daily News that 'you could have 50-75 accounts that are delinquent that are anywhere between $5 and $250.' 'If you have $2,500 worth of unpaid lunches, then I take $2,500 from the general fund to pay for it. That's $2,500 that is not used for textbooks or other things. Resources are fairly scarce.'

We had many listeners react with the same ideas of wanting to take action.

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