With the return of the nice weather brings Maine’s farmers’ markets. Let me start by saying I would STRONGLY encourage you to visit your farmers' market Facebook page or website to find out an special details that my have as they open for the 2020 season.

This year is no different. There are some differences in how things will run. But overall the farmers’ markets are just like going to the grocery store as far as what is expected:

-Keep a physical distance of six feet between yourself and others.
-One person per household, face-mask please.
-Don’t dawdle..get in and don’t linger.
-Take advantage of vendors that offer a pre-order and market pickup.

Did you know many of the farmers’ markets take SNAP (food stamps) and WIC benefits? Yep. In fact the state of Maine has been working with the farmers markets and farms that do direct sales to get the equipment to them so they can accept SNAP benefits.

OH but wait there is more. Many of the farmers’ markets also take part in the Maine Harvest Bucks program. For every dollar you spend with your SNAP card…you get a dollar in Harvest Bucks to use at a farmers’ market, farm stands and CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) locations that are part of the program. That is double the money for farm fresh foods that are accepted under the program, which are most the things.

A trip to the farmers’ markets are great in a lot of ways, you support local business, you get farm fresh foods that are healthy for you and it is just fun. Enjoy!

Check this from the Maine Federation of Farmers’ Markets to find the local markets and what services they offer for SNAP benefits and the Maine Harvest Bucks program. You can even sort the list by day and see what is open near you on any given day.

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