Last week, there was a setback in the renovations on the building that will become UMA's new dorms.  Some unwanted guests needed to be evicted.

According to the KJ, 80,000 bees needed to be removed from the Erskine Building in Stevens Commons.  The MASSIVE hive that the bees called home was four feet wide and eight feet tall!  Can you imagine the honey that would have come from a hive that size?

Local beekeeper Larry Davis used a gentle vacuum to remove the bees in a process that took about three days.  He had some help from the Hallowell Fire Department.  They used their thermal imaging camera to see the heat given off by the hive.  This allowed them to see exactly where, in the wall, the bees and hive were located.

The bees will eventually end up at Peaks Island, where Davis keeps several other hives.

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