If you are on your way out of the house make sure you grab a jacket or umbrella.  Also, make sure the windows of your truck or car are rolled up.  We could see some really nasty weather tonight.

According to WMTW meteorologist Ted McInerney, the storms rolling into Maine this afternoon and this evening could lead to some heavy downpours and even some flooding.

It appears that these storms are literally rolling through the state.  McInerney explained in a video (below) these one-after-another storms are referred to as "training".  He says these repeated downpours can lead to flooding.

Additionally, in some places (primarily Western Maine) there is a chance that these storms could have large hail and damaging winds.

The really good news is that these storms will roll out of our area by later tonight.  Much of the weekend is supposed to be really nice.  Here in the Augusta / Waterville area, the National Weather Service is calling for sunny skies on both Saturday and Sunday.  We'll have a high in the low 80s on Saturday and the mid-80s on Sunday.

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