It's a stark reminder of why stating alert and paying attention to your surroundings is paramount in the state of Maine. Wildlife doesn't realize that they shouldn't be wandering out into our roadways and will typically do so at the most inconvenient of times.

Maine is home to some of the highest rate of car vs moose (and deer!) crashed anywhere on planet earth. So high, in fact, that statewide cautions are broadcast on TV and radio each year reminding drivers to use extra caution, particularly when in the dark in rural and remote areas of Maine.

Recently, there was another car v moose crash that nearly could have been fatal for the occupants of the vehicle. Sadly, it was fatal for the moose. According to News Center Maine, there were two people travelling by car up near Jackman, Maine early on Saturday morning at about 1:30 am.

The pair reportedly crashed into a cow moose that had entered the roadway. Upon impact the moose came through the windshield and died instantly. After the collision, the car veered off of the road crashing into a crop of nearby trees.

After the vehicle came to rest, News Center Maine reports that the occupants were able to climb out and walk down the road to a nearby residence where they were subsequently able to call for help.

The pair were taken to an area hospital with what are being considered non-life-threatening injuries. The early-season crash is a reminder for drivers, both that live in Maine and to those travelling from away, that clear roadways free of any wandering animals are never guaranteed and that people should always be on the lookout for things like moose during all times of the year.

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