Today is National Pepperoni Pizza Day.Pepperoni pizza is the number 1 favorite pizza in the United States, a topping that has been a favorite for many years. Other pizza toppings have moved around a bit of the favorites list.

#2. Sausage (just 5 years ago mushroom was at #2)

#3. Garlic (in 2013 it was onions.

#4. Olives (sausage was in this spot 5 years ago)

#5. Mushrooms (see number 2 above)

#6. Extra Cheese (5 years ago that topping wasn’t even in the top 8)

#7. Chicken (black olives had this spot in 2013)

# 8 Oregano (green peppers held this spot 5 years ago.

If none of these appeal to you can make your own with some recipes here:

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