Now that we've officially entered spring, and the weather is getting warmer every day, it is time to start thinking about your next vacation - even if it is only a Maine staycation!

Why not stay at Maine's new(ish) glamping resort?

Named Terramor, a combination of the Latin words for Earth and Love, the $9.7 million property opened on the site of the old location of KOA-branded Woodlands Campground near Bar Harbor last summer.

For those who don't know, "glamping" is a portmanteau word for "glamour" and "camping".  Basically, it is the opposite of roughing it.  Yes, you are surrounded by the outdoors, but you've also got access to all of life's modern amenities.

In addition to a lodge, Terramor has 64 tents for guests.  Maybe "tent" is the wrong term for these structures.  While they are made of nylon canvas, they feature toilets, showers, electrical hookups, and more.

The onsite bar serves up craft beers and signature cocktails.  They also serve breakfast, offer boxed lunches (perfect for a picnic) and they sell grill kits.

And, on top of local hiking trails, the property is near all the Acadia National Park and Bar Harbor have to offer.

KOA began the development of the 45 acre property in 2019 with the hope that they would be able to open it early in the summer of 2020.  Not surprisingly, the pandemic delayed those plans.  But, now the place is open for business!

Take a look!

Take A Peek At Terramor

Opening in late summer 2020, Bar Harbor's Terramor Outdoor Resort is a breathtaking "glamping" resort. Get more details about the resort and book your stay at their website.
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