A middle school in the small New Hampshire town of Somersworth which borders Berwick, Maine, has found themselves in the middle of a controversy.

Everyone knows middle schoolers can be a handful to say the least. Probably no one knows this better than middle school teachers. While these kids can be thoughtful, helpful, hilarious, and fun, they certainly have their moments where they can be challenging.

According to WMTW, one eighth grade student at Somersworth Middle School was in class and kept playing with her hair. The teacher asked her to stop and when she didn't he escalated the situation by threatening to cut her hair off. The student called his bluff to which he responded, "Oh yeah? Watch me."

The teacher then proceeded to cut a few inches off her hair with scissors.

The young teenager was embarrassed and didn't tell her mother, Jillian Miglionico, about the incident but she did find out thanks to a teacher's aide.

The teacher was suspended for a few days but is now back working in his same position. Still teaching the girl he, as some would say, assaulted.

This isn't the first time an educator has cut hair without consent. Little seems to be consistent in these cases.

A student in Ottawa, Canada, had his hair cut without his or parental consent in 2017 according to Allure. The student, Dominic, who has autism, would often have hair in his face and his teacher at his special needs school repeatedly contacted the mother, Miriam Brandon, to see if she'd mind if he cut it. Brandon said no.

Later on, the teacher let Brandon know that despite being told not to, he cut Dominic's hair.

In December of last year, a video went viral of a Margaret Gieszinger, a science teacher at University Preparatory High School in California, forcibly cut the hair of one of her male students.

Gieszinger allegedly brought the scissors to class, held them up, and said that it was haircut day. One student appeared to sit down in the chair in front of her not believing she would actually cut his hair, but she proceeded to snip while singing "The Star-Spangled Banner" according to ABC News. In the video, you can then see the teacher run up to another student with her scissors as if to cut her hair, but she escaped.

Gieszinger was arrested and charged with six misdemeanors, including cruelty to a child, false imprisonment, and assault, which could mean three and a half years in jail if found guilty.

Milglionico is hoping the teacher will ultimately be permanently removed from the New Hampshire middle school.

So what do you think? Is cutting hair without consent from the child okay? What about consent from the child but without parental consent? What sort of punishment fits the crime, if it is one?

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