This is incredibly exciting for multiple reasons. First, because who the heck doesn't love great local Barbecue? The second is because of the times we are living in. By that I mean how great is it to see a local business be able to defy the current state of affairs plaguing small business and still be able to get up on their feet?

If you're looking to try out a brand spankin' new locally owned eatery, you're going to have to take a quick scoot down to 118 Main Street, Thomaston, which in all reality, is a pretty quick drive from Augusta. The name of the new place is Station 118 and, as you can already tell, BBQ is their specialty.


According to, co-owners Troy Crane and Andrew Bridge opened the doors at 11:30 AM Thursday morning to an already formed line of hungry customers. The owners were working diligently inside to get the fresh cooked food out to their new customers as they dined outside. Additionally there other staff members on hand helping to take orders, run food and make sure everyone was having a great experience.

Their menu looks super-delicious featuring smoked brisket, St Louis RIbs, Pulled Pork, half chickens and more! Some side dishes include baked beans, coleslaw, collard greens, corn bread, mac and cheese and corn on the cob.

Want to stay for dessert? Enjoy some homemade wild Maine blueberry cheesecake or even a blueberry or maple soft serve. Seriously, if your mouth isn't watering at this point I'm not sure you're even human.

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