In order to protect an endangered species of whale, national regulations have dictated that we must cut 50% of buoy lines in the Gulf of Maine. The North Atlantic right whale is dangerously close to extinction for the 2nd time in 20 years. And the buoy lines are a factor in this due to whales getting ensnared. Understandable the lobstermen are worried that their livelihood will be extinct however if they do what they intend to. According to many think only one type of lobsterman will survive, small inshore operators or high-volume lobstermen who fish in deeper waters.

Fishermen must consider the following options.

-Give up as many as half of their lobster traps.

-Increase the number of traps that must be fished on every buoy line.

-Shut down the inshore fishery for a few months.

Or a mixture of all 3... and that's just a temporary solution.

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