New Year's Eve, without a doubt, is the ultimate party night.  It is the one night of the year that the majority of the world’s population tries to stay up until at least 12:01 AM.

Because of what a big party night it is, some people make their New Year's Eve plans weeks or months in advance.  On the other hand, some people wait until the very last minute to commit to New Year's Eve plans.  And, of course, there are those people who wake up at 8 AM on December 31 and have no idea what they are going to be doing that night.

If you fall into that last category, we are here to help.

We’ve put together a list of great New Year's Eve parties and events.  While most of the events on this list are parties at bars, there are a few unique events.

2023 New Years Eve Parties & Events

Check out this list of New Years Eve celebrations. What else needs to be on our list? Let us know by sending cooper an email at *Keep in mind that some of these events may require you to be a member of these clubs to attend - check in advance*

As you can see, we tried to highlight a variety of activities and a variety of spots across Maine.  A band at the Calumet Club in Augusta, live music at the Silver Street Tavern in Waterville, DJs at a few nightclubs in Portland, a family-friendly party at L. L. Bean in Freeport, and a chance to ring in the new year bowling in Augusta.

What else needs to be on our list?  Let us know by sending us a message inside our app or by emailing Cooper Fox at

However you end up spending your New Year's Eve, please have fun, but be safe.  If you plan to drink, plan ahead and designate a driver.

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