If you are old enough to have been able to legally drink in the early 2000s, you probably remember a time when nearly every town had a "club".  In rural New England, these were often a lot smaller than what you probably saw on TV, but the idea was still the same.  They all had dim lights, cocktails, and DJs spinning dance tracks.

It feels like that era has past.  These days, young adults are looking for more engaging entertainment venues like bowling alleys and adult arcades.  However, there are still a few nightclubs scattered around New England.

One of the most unique that we've found is in the tourist town of North Conway, New Hampshire.

The O Club is a military-themed nightclub located in an unassuming strip mall on White Mountain Highway.  You'll find it sandwiched between a Chinese restaurant and a convenience store.

That spot has been some kind of bar for decades.  It was The Roadhouse, it was Club Moulin Rouge (until the one in Paris got word and sent a nasty letter tell them to cut it out), and it was Club 550 for well over a decade.

In 2019, the business was purchased by a retired United States Air Force officer Shawn O'Day.  Following some significant renovations and updates, the establishment reopened as The O Club.

The O Club is family-friendly throughout the afternoon and evening.  At 9 PM, they go 21+.

DJ Scott B
DJ Scott B

The place has regulation-sized pool tables, darts, limited food, and great beverages.  On various nights throughout the week, the club features karaoke and some of the best DJs in New England.

As they are located in a tourist area, they are open seven days a week and are open on most holidays.

While at its core, the The O Club is a regular nightclub, there is no doubt that the establishment pays tribute to our service men and women.  There are banners from each of the branches of our military hanging from the ceiling, and there are military artifacts spread throughout the club.  Additionally, service members always get 10% off their bill.

DJ Scott B
DJ Scott B

For more about what's going on at The O Club, follow their Facebook page.  You can also check out their website.

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