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OK--most of you still probably have jack o' lanterns on your porch, but now that the calendar has flipped to November, it's time to start planning out your Christmas decor.

(Yes, I know we still have Thanksgiving, but let's face it, no one really decks out their house with turkeys!)

And let's face it, the big guns of the Christmas season are the inflatable decorations. You see them all over the place, big Santas and snowmen lit up brightly in the night.

But let's think outside the box with these awesome, and still festive inflatable Christmas decorations for your lawn this holiday season.


  • Air Characters via Amazon
    Air Characters via Amazon

    Inflatable Clark Griswold Station Wagon w/Christmas Tree

    Now this is truly awesome! You can channel your inner Clark Griswold by putting the legendary Wagon Queen Family Truckster on your lawn. It will only cost $109.99 to recreate this classic Christmas movie on your lawn.

  • Gemmy via Amazon
    Gemmy via Amazon

    The Grinch

    Let's face it, not everyone is in the Christmas spirit. If you're not, show it with this 4-foot Grinch. At just $39.99, you'll even have some cash left over for a can of Who-hash...

  • Star Wars/Gemmy via Amazon
    Star Wars/Gemmy via Amazon

    R2-D2 and BB-8" Droid to The World Scene

    Just everything about this is awesome/ You've got classic Star Wars and new Star Wars (R2 in a Santa hat is too much!) and then you get into the spirit with "Droids to the World." With the newest movie in the saga coming out just before Christmas, this is a perfect decoration!

  • Airblown via Amazon
    Airblown via Amazon

    Star Wars R2-D2 in X-Wing Fighter

    I know we just had a Star Wars one, but come on, it's R2 in a freakin' X-Wing!

  • Holiday via Amazon
    Holiday via Amazon

    Jack Skelington with Christmas Tree

    OK--so maybe you don't want to let go of Halloween yet, so here's the perfect answer, Jack Skellington from the Nightmare Before Christmas. He's even in a Santa suit!

  • Gemmy via Amazon
    Gemmy via Amazon

    BONUS: Just in case you do want to decorate for Thanksgiving-

    OK--we don't want to completely leave out Thanksgiving, so here's a 6-foot inflatable turkey. It should feed about 650 people! (Note:Do not try to eat this turkey--you will be vastly disappointed...LOL)

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