Oh SNAP! Everyone’s been going crazy about Clint Eastwood’s speech at the Republican National Convention last night, in which he addressed an empty chair as though Barack Obama were seated in it. Jokes were made. Rallying cries were … cried. It was pretty much Twitter insanity. One joke stands above the rest when all is said and done though — this picture, posted by Barack Obama’s official Twitter profile, along with the accompanying text “This seat’s taken.” 

Pretty much everyone can agree that is the ultimate burn — the photo has been retweeted nearly 33,000 times and favorited almost 13,000. A great response to 15 minutes of Clint Eastwood standing onstage talking to a chair in a rather odd manner.

First his AMA on Reddit, and now he’s doling out supreme disses on Twitter? When it comes to social media, Barack Obama is definitely winning the presidential race.

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