Central Maine has its share of historic buildings and landmarks.  The Maine Statehouse, The Blaine House, a century old theater, blocks of historic downtown buildings, and more.

One of the most notable historic sites in Central Maine, really the entire state, is Old Fort Western.

Since it was constructed in the mid-1700s, the fort compound has served many purposes.  When it was constructed in 1754, its first use was as a fort / garrison meant to protect English settlers from the French and the Native Americans.  Later, it was used as a trading post, the fort was used as the home of a wealthy merchant, and it was used as apartments for workers at the nearby mills.  For about the last century, it has been used as a museum.  Learn more about the history of the fort HERE

According to a post on the fort's Facebook page, it will soon be getting national attention on TV.

The post explains that the fort will be featured on Thursday's (April 6th) episode of Barnwood Builders on the Magnolia Network.

The show, which is led by former coal miner Mark Bowe, reminds us a little of our Maine Cabin Masters, except the heart of this show is the cast of characters using reclaimed wood to build new projects.  A quick look of their website shows that they have built homes, cabins, church chapels, even a rustic event pavilion.

Catch the episode on Magnolia Network Thursday at 9 PM.  Get details about where you can see the show HERE 

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