According to the Kennebec Journal, people looking to register their children for kindergarten in Winslow won't have to wait much longer. In a much-anticipated announcement, it has been revealed that registration packets will be available at the school on Thursday, April 1st, between 7 and 3:30.

It may not seem like much, but to me this kind of thing is a signal of the times slowly beginning to return to normal. Sure, we still had Maine kids in kindergarten this year, but this is just starting to feel different.

In the last week we've learned that Maine Maple Sunday is returning, Six Flags is opening and families will start registering their littles for the fall start of kindergarten. Doesn't that just have a ring of normalcy to it? I certainly think so.

If you're wondering if your child is eligible for kindergarten in Winslow, they just need to be five years old on or before the 15th of October. Oh, and living in Winslow certainly helps, too.

If you're worried about sobbing like a baby as you watch the tiny little human you've raised and protected for the last five years, well you will. And there's very little if anything you can do about it. Just let the tears flow, you'll feel better.

I remember when my oldest son, now 11, started kindergarten. He got on the bus for the very first time and then I drove down to the school to beat the bus and watch him climb down the stairs and walk into the building to start his brave new adventure. I don't think he even knows I did that.. but that's okay. That was more for me than it was for me.


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