I don’t care what your political alliance or lack of affiliation is voting is gosh darn American. Be a poll worker and get paid.

We have an election coming up on November 3, and a lot of people are very interested and are planning on doing their civic duty and voting.

Some will be voting absentee…like me. Doing it for years, and I like it.

Many will be going to the poll to cast their vote in person on Election Day 2020. There need people there to check people in, give them their ballots, get the ballots scanned and give you that ‘I Voted’ sticker. Traditionally, the poll works are older members of the community. This year this is becoming an issue. COVID-19 is known to be more dangerous for people the older they get. So, many of the people who would be working the polls on an election day will not be this year.

Younger poll workers are needed for Election Day 2020.

In Maine, if you are a resident but not registered to vote, you can even do that on the spot and vote. If you are a first-time voter, you do need to prove your residency, something like your ID or electric bill, lease agreement.

To be a poll worker you need to be 18 years old by Election Day 2020 and a registered voter in the county where you would serve as a poll worker or a neighboring county. You help to register new voters, check people in, and answer questions. 

AND…being a poll worker is a paid gig.  

Click here to find out more or just contact your city or town hall directly. 

I don’t care what your political alliance or lack of affiliation is voting is gosh darn American. Be a poll worker. 

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