These days, with the price of everything going up and up, do you know anyone that isn't trying to save some cash?  Yeah, we didn't think so.  Everyone is looking for a way to save money these days!

That being said, most of us are not so desperate to save a buck that we sit at home, with the lights off, eating nothing but ramen and canned soup.  We still like to go out and have some fun.

Of course, if we can save some cash while we go out to have fun, its even better!

That's why so many people love the annual promotion that the 99 Restaurants run with the Boston Red Sox.  Basically, when the Red Sox win, the kids eat free!  Yes...  FREE!

If you are not familiar, here are the basics.  If the Red Sox win, and you are a member of the chain's rewards program, your kids can get a free meal from the kid's menu.  The offer is good the day after the Red Sox win and you only get one kid's meal for each adult entre purchased.

Sam Moqadam / Unsplash
Sam Moqadam / Unsplash

For example, if dad takes his two daughters to The 99 the day after the Red Sox win, one of his kids can get a free meal.  He'd need some other adult with him in order to get two kids meals.  Or, he'd need to be REALLY hungry and purchase two normal entres.

Get all the details about how the promotion works HERE

The 99 Restaurants chain was founded by a man named Charlie Doe.  His goal was to create a restaurant where everyone felt comfortable and where there was something for everyone.

The website explains:

Charlie wanted to give locals a place where they’d always feel at home. A place where they could get no-nonsense food at down-to-earth prices, and where they’d be treated right.

The company, which is headquartered in Woburn, MA has nearly one hundred locations and serves about 20 million customers per year.

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