Mainers who love Halloween, or just love a good scare, are lucky to live here in the Pine Tree State.  We have more than our fair share of really great haunted attractions.

While many of the really good ones are put on by amateurs, there are a few that have had pros involved in the process.

The latter is the case with the United Way of Tri-Valley's Halls of Horror haunted attraction.

During a recent interview with Kendra from the United Way, she explained that they had the help of a professional haunted house designer with the design of this year's attraction.

Even though Halls of Horror have been around for a few years, they are in a new location this year.  You can find them in the old Barclay's spot at 128 Weld Road in Wilton.

This year's attraction will feature several different ticket types.  The basic ticket allows you access to the main haunt (which we are told is about twice the size of last year's attraction).  The VIP ticket allows you access to the main haunt and gets you a couple of drinks.

But, if you want the full experience, you are going to want to shell out the $60 for the Hall Pass!  This gets you access to the main haunt, gets you a couple of drinks, and gets you into several hall pass-only areas.

We're told that the hall pass even allows you access to a "Saw"-themed escape room and a "last ride" in their double coffin!

Robert Zuniko via Unsplash
Robert Zuniko via Unsplash

It will be open from 7 to 10 PM on Friday, October 20th and Saturday on October 21st.  It will also be open from 6 to 10 PM on Friday October 27th and Saturday October 28th.

You could get more details now on the event Facebook page.

Who's ready for this?  We are!

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