When I decided to write this, I thought it would be easy, pick my favorite shows of the decade, then go to bed. Boy was I wrong. There were so many great tv shows this decade that trying to narrow it down was surprisingly stressful. My rule: Had to air a majority of its episodes in the 2010's, so shows like, the Office are not included.

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10. Luke Cage- Netflix 2 seasons  

The man with unbreakable skin had a very successful TV series until Netflix (or Disney) pulled the plug.

9. Community- 6 Seasons NBC & Yahoo  

This was such a weird yet funny show, you either loved it, or had no idea it existed. Part of NBC's comedy block along with Parks & Rec, The Office, and 30 Rock. We did not appreciate what we had when those were on.

8. Brooklyn 99- 7 seasons Fox and NBC https://www.amazon.com/Brooklyn-Nine-Nine-Season-1/dp/B00ESB6EUC?SubscriptionId=AKIAJYPOGEBYCEUS42SQ&tag=augustatsm-20&linkCode=xm2&camp=2025&creative=165953&creativeASIN=B00ESB6EUC

If you are not watching this show, you really should. It is impossible to pick a standout character on this show because they are all so perfectly cast. The show went viral last year with this iconic moment.

7. Scorpion- 4 seasons CBS 

I am NOT okay with this show being cancelled. I wrote a letter to CBS and they did not respond which made me even more mad. The plot is: geniuses saving the world. It was fantastic and worth every minute to watch.

6. Suits- 9 seasons USA 

I normally don't like shows based around a court room, I find it too limited on things that can go wrong, but this show pulled it off very well. Patrick J Adams stars as Mike, a brilliant man posing as a Harvard educated lawyer without actually attending Harvard, and Gabriel Macht played his mentor, Harvey Spectre, who steals the show, and becomes the best part of it. Also the show Meghan Markle was on before getting married to Prince Harry.

5. Breaking Bad- 5 seasons AMC  

Yeah, this is the darkest show on the list. Not really a fan of super dark shows, but the acting in this is just so iconic.

4. Daredevil- 3 seasons Netflix 

I am a nerd, so it's no surprise that super heroes fill most of this list, Daredevil took the MCU up a notch in terms of action. On top of the fact that Charlie Cox played the character so well, it truly was an Emmy worthy super hero series.

3. The Flash- 6 seasons (so far) CW  

For 6 years, one show on the CW has been number 1 on their ratings, the only other show with that success, is the Big Bang Theory. Trust me, this show is phenomenal, and the characters are great.... except for Iris...

2. Arrow- 8 seasons CW 

The show that started the Arrowverse. The only other show that created this many spin offs is CSI. and these shows have all been successes. The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl, Black Lightning, and Batwoman. All these shows exist because of Arrow.

1. Parks and Recreation- 7 seasons NBC  

From the creators of the office and Brooklyn 99, comes the best show of the 2010's. Funny, dramatic, poignant, and Leslie Knope is the feminist icon we can all get behind. Plus it had Chris Pratt, Aubrey Plaza, and RON FREAKING SWANSON.

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