We are 4 weeks into the NFL season, officially 1 quarter of the way through and it's time to figure out who the best teams are:

10. Los Angeles Chargers:

They are off to a rocky start, injuries plague the team but they are still strong and a formidable force in the AFC.

9. NY Giants

It looks like they knew what they were doing selecting Daniel Jones like they did. They're a strong team that show promise, while I don't see them going all the way, they will pull some impressive upsets.

8. Chicago Bears

While they might drop lower after the injury Mitch Trubisky faced this weekend, I still think the Bears are a solid team.

7. Green Bay Packers

Just slightly ahead of the Bears, the Packers are showing up to games and looking good. They finally have a defense, they just need Aaron Rogers to be back to his usual self.

6. LA Rams

The only reason they're not higher, I don't think they're at their best right now.

5. Buffalo Bills

I will say this, if they were not in a division with the Patriots, they would win that division. This team looks strong and I was a little nervous watching the Patriots play them Sunday.

4. New Orleans Saints

No, they don't have Brees, and that is a factor, but gosh this team looks good without him.

3. Baltimore Ravens

Yes I know they lost, but they are still one of 2 teams that I think could beat the Patriots, and right now that is the only scale in the NFL.

2. Kansas City Chiefs

Patrick Mahomes is the most terrifying quarterback in the NFL, even Bill Belicheck says he doesn't know how to stop him.

1. New England Patriots

There is no argument here. They're the best team in football. 3rd highest points scored so far this year, 122 points scored. 27 points scored against them, dear god they are terrifying.

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