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Boy this has been a crazy year for country music, and probably its most controversial with the rise of the bro country movement. Looking back on the past decade I have compiled the definitive list of the best songs. In my opinion:

From his now iconic voice, to the truthfulness of this song, Luke Combs closed out the decade with arguably the most 90's country song since 1999.

This song certainly had some controversy behind it, but when those harmonies hit, your heart breaks for the girl in the song.

The song that started an entire sub genre of country music. Need I say more?

One of the catchiest songs of all time, it has an old school feel but never gets old.

A lot of people are saying this is the best song of the decade, I do not think so, but it's way too good to not put on my list.

One of the most poignant and well written songs in years. In my opinion this is Tim McGraw's second best song, after Live Like You Were Dying.

Eric Church is probably the coolest guy in country music. He has a swagger to him that is both rock star and cowboy, something very few artists can even manage. This is one of those songs to me that never gets old.

I'm gonna catch some pushback from this one, but lyrically and musically, this song cannot be ignored. While Sam Might not have the vocal prowess of the other artists on this list, his production skills more than make up for it.

One of the pioneers of bro country shocked country music when he released this song as a single. Most people thought he'd continue with his party anthems, instead he released a heart wrenching song about loss. Co written by the legendary Chris Stapleton.

I'm sorry, but in 2015 we were introduced to an artist that could not possibly be compared to. His vocal prowess, his lyrical ability, and his power as a star is pretty much unstoppable. In 20 years we will put his name in the same category as King George, Garth Brooks, and Johnny Cash.

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