Listen up snowflakes, if you think video games and movies cause kids to be violent you are out of your mind. I have played Pokemon since I was a kid, you don't see me trying to start a pet fighting ring in my backyard. Every single good movie features violence in some way shape or form. There have been movies about war, movies about serial killers, movies about cannibals. But for the love of God, a failed comedian dressing up as a clown going on a rampage to become the mortal enemy of a man who dresses up as a bat... THAT'S WHERE YOU COMPLAIN???

John Wick 3 just came out earlier this year and made $321.7 million and everyone in the theaters loved it. He killed 94 people in that movie, 299 in all 3 John Wicks combined. What is no one up in arms about that? Why is it okay for Freddy Kreuger and his mashed potato face with a grandpa sweater and knife hands, to go around killing teenagers while they sleep? Slasher films are entire genre of movies where you expect everyone to die.

Joker is an in depth look into the psyche of one of the most twisted characters in western fiction. In today's day and age where gun violence is rampant I think we need to see a movie like this, where it shows how one bad day can set you off. Now I do think some theaters should buff up security because of what happened in Colorado years ago. But the fact that people are boycotting a movie before they have even seen it is so ridiculous it is not even funny.

A spokesperson for Regal Cinemas, the second largest theater owners behind AMC had this to say:

"At Regal, we do not believe the content or the existence of any movie is a cause or a signal for violence, Nevertheless, although we do not comment on security protocols implemented by our theatres at any time, patron and employee safety is our foremost concern. In collaboration with NATO, we are in regular contact year-round with law enforcement so we have information to help make whatever security assessments they deem appropriate at all times."

Filmmaker Todd Phillips says the outcry is just from outrage culture according to

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