It's crazy what the power of curiosity can do. In this case, it connected someone with the past and to other humans dedicated to finding the truth.

According to News Center Maine, a couple were taking a stroll on Fort Edgecomb a few years ago, searching for a spot to swim. As they walked, they noticed something shining up at them, wedged between the rocks.

It was a ring. It appeared to have the word "Wiscasset, Class of 1934" engraved on it. The couple, Logan and Brittany, were immediately intrigued by this ring and dived into their curiosity.

A friend cleaned the ring and found something even more intriguing: the initials 'HWL'.

At that point, they knew this was a special class ring, and at one time, it had an owner.

It was so special that Logan did some online research and tried to explore local libraries to try and trace the ring's owner and origin. He did this for three years.

All the work paid off because finally, he was able to connect with a woman named Sheila Sawyer, who is the secretary of Wiscasset's alumni. She held a wealth of information about the school's history.

Sheila was able to recognize the initials on the ring, and told Logan they were those of Harold Walter Leavitt! She knew because it's luckily a small town, and she grew up with H.W.L's son, known as Skip.

Sheila then told the Skip about the discovery of his fathers' ring, and he was absolutely astounded that his dad lost his ring to begin with. He said that he never mentioned owning or even losing it.

Skip and Logan met, and finally, Skip was reunited with his dad's ring, 79 years later. Logan shared with Skip that he had kept the ring close by wearing it for years. They spoke about the history of the ring and of the man who once wore it. Skip felt such a special connection to his late father in those moments.

Harold W. Leavitt passed away 30 years ago, as the story states. He believes his dad probably lost the ring while hiking around on the rocks at the Fort with his buddies.

"I have a lot of connections to my father, but this was one I never had. I hope there's always another generation of people that are concerned and care about the past, and I want to make the future as good as they can make it."

– Skip, News Center Maine

What a beautiful story of hope traveling from past, present, and future, right here in Maine.

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