Something that has been building for a couple of years and now has reached an all-time high is ‘self-gifting’. There has been a 27% jumping in the last 5 years of people buying gifts for their own personal use. They usually spend $237 on self-gifting.

One of the reasons people by their own gifts is the deep discounts offered during the holiday season. Consumers have come to expect the big holiday discounts, so purchases they would have made during the fall, they now wait until the Christmas season to take advantage of the savings. Three quarters of consumers expect bigger discounts during the Christmas shopping season. Things like big screen T.V.’s are available at half price on black Friday as compared to higher prices the rest of the year.

It’s becoming more acceptable in today’s society; it’s a ‘reward yourself’ moment, especially if you can save money while doing it. Another factor is people will ‘bargain hunt’ harder for themselves than for someone else and the best bargains are during the holiday.

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