On this date, September 28 in 1941 the Boston Red Sox ended their season splitting a double header in Philadelphia. The Sox were out of the playoffs being 17 and half games behind the Yankess but it was (and still is) an important day in Major League Baseball and Boston Red Sox history.

When the season ended that year Boston Red Sox great Ted Williams ended the season with a .406 batting average and remains to this day the last major leaguer to hit over .400.

On September 21st Williams had a batting average of .4055 with six games left in the season. He went 2 for 10 over the next 3 games and his batting average dropped to .401 and Williams could have sat out the final three games but didn’t. Williams said I will either make it or I won’t. He was playing.

According to sabr.org over the final two games of the season (a double header in Philly) Williams was 10 for 13 and ended the season with the batting average of .406. No one has reached a .400 batting average since.

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