Just recently, my band Sharon Buck Dixon Road was playing at Crystal Falls in Chelsea. A pair of our fans came up to us before the show started and said they had to leave and they had a good excuse.

The woman had been contacted by the hospital saying they had a kidney for her.

What an incredible thing to happen!

April is 'National Donate Life Month' and you could be a part of it. Just look at MY license.

By looking at my license, there are 2 things you may notice. #1: My weight is WRONG!  When I went to the BMV they said they couldn't change it to the correct weight because it was under 10 pounds. I'm 117.

#2: That little red heart in the corner identifies me as an ORGAN DONOR. God forbid I have to leave this world anytime soon, but at least I will be able to help someone when I go.

To see the look on that wonderful woman's face knowing that somewhere SOMEONE was a match for her and she could have her transplant....it was PRICELESS. By the way, she is doing FANTASTIC!

To find out more about donating you can go to Donate Life America. That website can answer any question!

Please, check the box at the BMV that says you will be a donor. You could save a member of your family or even a stranger. You can donate organs, tissue, corneas...it really is amazing what one person could do for so many!

UPDATE 9/24/13:

In the last 2 months, 2 other people I know have received transplants! A young boy has received a new heart and a man has received new lungs!  These people have been given not just a new lease on life...but a chance FOR a life! Please, become an organ donor. The life you save could be someone you know!

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