My friend, Nic Jewell, recently posted a picture on Facebook of himself from 20 years ago. He posted a side by side pic of then and now. And, my, how he and style has changed.

That got me thinking. Did I have any old pictures of myself from that long ago?

Turns out I did...and BOY have I changed!

When I saw the pictures of Nic, I thought, "I HAVE to post a pic from me 20 years ago." This was as far back as I could find...18 years. I was usually the one BEHIND the camera! The picture was taken May 19, 1995 and I remember that day very well. I was so excited my sister, Audrey, gave me a Glamour Shots package for my upcoming wedding. I don't think I had ever worn makeup before that day...I still don't like to. It was nice to be pampered for an afternoon!  The pictures were taken about a year before I went to have my braces.

I think you can see that I have the same spirit, same eyes. I still have a huge smile. Even back then I wasn't afraid of showing it. It was funny because when I went swimming with my family we used to pose like fountains. Remember doing that? Well, the position of my teeth allowed me to spout a fountain and it came out three ways! It was really funny!

I remember going to Dr. David Comeau in Waterville and having him be my orthodontist. He and his staff were the nicest people. I had 6 teeth pulled in order to have the braces. And when they came off (three and a half years later) he called me his greatest masterpiece!! Of course, he probably told that to everyone...but I choose to believe it!

I really haven't changed all that much. I'm still the happy-go-lucky, animated Sharon I was back then...just with better hair, plucked eyebrows and straighter teeth! I guess I'll always stay the same on the inside. And that's what counts!

Photo by Sharon Buck