In the United States, Christmas dinner is (for us) usually traditional. Ham or Turkey with potatoes, veggies, salad, pies and maybe some cookies. But, outside of the U.S., there are some unique holiday dishes.

In South Africa, the traditional Christmas dinner includes fried Emperor Moth caterpillars, its harvest season lines up with Christmas.

Since Christian holiday aren’t celebrated in most of Japan, KFC, does some of their best business on Christmas Day. Many KFC’s take reservations weeks in advance and some serve alcohol.

In Greenland with dishes that are rarely seen outside of the arctic. Mattak is raw whale skin diced or serrated. Kiviak isn’t served raw but is unusual. It’s a seal skin stuffed with 500 sea birds that look similar to a small penguin. Feathers and all are stuffed into the seal and the sewn shut and greased. After a 7 month fermentation period, the bird are removed, served and eaten.

After reading that you have to be thinking what I am. THANK GOD FOR TURKEY!

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