They're baaaack!

Some chomping on plastic sap tubing and spouts from wildlife is normal for maple syrup producers in the Northeast. Deer, bears, and other little critters getting at some of the equipment is a bother however normal. But this season it's the squirrels who are are having a field day with the delicious sap from the trees, according to a story from

An employee of Goodrich's Maple Farm in Danville, Vermont, the largest maple producing state says "Occasionally they declare war. And it seems like they have this year." reports

Now maple producers have to spend more man hours in the woods, making their way through deep snow with equipment in tow, in some spots to find and fix or replace the taps that get the sap from the trees.

A quick check of the Twitter account Dead Squirrels Of Maine (@DeadMaine) shows that squirrels indeed love the maple sap.



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