On Tuesday, when Governor Mills announced her plans to do a phased re-opening of the State of Maine, there's a good chance that you may have missed one key fact.  Not a big surprise, considering it seems like something that would have been implemented weeks ago, as the pandemic ramped up, and not now, as it is beginning to wind down.

According to the KJ, during "Phase 1", which runs throughout the month of May, everyone will be required to wear a face mask when in public.

The rules state that people must wear a face mask:

"in public settings where physical distancing is difficult to maintain"

These settings include: grocery stores, crowded parking lots, health care facilities, fitness centers, public transportation, parks, and playgrounds.

The exceptions to this rule are children 2 and under and people with medical reasons (difficulty breathing, sensitive skin, claustrophobia, PTSD, etc).

Governor Mills has encouraged Mainers, who don't yet have masks, to make their owns masks using products purchased in Maine.  Additionally, she has partnered with a Westbrook company to provide each state employee with two masks.

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