The Patriots and Falcons on Super Sunday will be watched by millions around the world, and millions of dollars will be bet on the game. You can bet on who will win the game (if you get points or not) and that’s only on of nearly 600 different ways to bet on the big game.

Prop bets for the game are extremely popular and have become a stable of the big game. Prop bets are thanks to the imagination of oddsmakers and bookies. Here some of the more ‘unique’ bets you can make on this year’s Super Bowl.

Luke Bryan will sing the National Anthem and the over/under is two minutes and 9 seconds and you can bet on whether or not he’ll wear jeans.

Lady Gaga will perform during the half-time show and you can bet on that too. Some of the Lady Gaga bets: Will she wear an ‘I Voted for Hillary’ t-shirt or will she wear absolutely nothing?? Will she suffer a wardrobe malfunction? Which song will she sing first? What other artist’s song will she sing?

Will the coin toss be heads or tails?

Who will win the coin toss?

Will the coin toss winner choose to kick or receive?

How many times will ‘Gronk’ or ‘Gronkowski’ be said on TV during the broadcast?

How many times will J.J. watt be mentioned on TV during the game?

Will ‘Houston, we have a problem’ be said on TV during the game?

There are so many more bets to make during the game including total passing yards for Tom Brady and total rushing yards for LeGarrette Blount.

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