Sugarland kick off their 2018 Still the Same Tour on Friday night (May 4) with the trek's first stop in Durant, Okla. In preparation, the duo hosted a tour preview and press event in Nashville on Thursday (May 3), to discuss their road plans and their upcoming new album, Bigger.

"These songs are coming alive, and that's fun," Kristian Bush, one half of Sugarland, comments. "They're not just in a studio, they're under our hands and in our band."

Bush and duo partner Jennifer Nettles parted ways in 2012 to focus on solo projects, after releasing five albums together. However, in 2017, the pair began hinting at a reunion -- specifically at the CMA Awards -- and that more new music might be on the horizon.

"One of the reasons that we wanted to take a break is so that we could have something new to say, and new skills to offer each other," Nettles explains. "We wanted to have new experience and new inspirations, and come back with full cups. I feel like we've done that."

On Thursday, Sugarland offered a taste of what fans can expect from their live show during the Still the Same Tour with a showcase of music from their new album, including "Let Me Remind You," "Bigger" and "Babe," a song that was written by -- and features -- none other than Taylor Swift. In the middle of their set, during the as-yet-unreleased feel-good song "On a Roll," Bush, Nettles and their band delved into a mashup of "We've Got the Funk" by Positive Force, "Billy Jean" by Michael Jackson, "Express Yourself" by Madonna and other classic hits. From stage, they explained that they expect to work more songs into the performance as the trek stretches on.

"It typically does evolve as the tour goes along," Nettles says. "That's one of the fun parts, as the show comes alive -- all those spontaneous moments where, at soundcheck, we'll decide to put something new in.

"What could possibly go wrong?" she adds with a laugh.

"I know the first thing I sent you was the Positive Force song," Bush added. "I tried to put Daft Punk in today. I still think that could work."

While Sugarland enjoy experimenting with new ways to play new music, Nettles and Bush don't plan on making any radical changes to their older tunes for this tour.

"Part of this is understanding that if Sugarland's your favorite band, you really don't want them to screw around with your favorite song," Bush says. "Some of the songs we squished together, but we didn't get too weird with anything. If I go see my favorite band ... I need a couple of details to be exactly the same as the last time I heard the record."

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