The North American Wife Carrying Championship takes place at Sunday River right here in Maine every fall. Teams made up of men and women have to make their way through an obstacle course. The wife can be carried any way the team prefers, most teams use the  "Estonian carry" in  which the wife holds the husband by the waist, with her legs wrapped around his neck. This allows him to keep his hands free for greater stability.

The course has a handful of obstacles including sand mounds, log hurdles, and at the end the couples have to make their way through muddy, cold water. The winning couple not only gets bragging rights, they also receive the grand prize..their weight in beer, and some cash of course!


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The annual Sunday River Fall Festival takes place on Saturday, October 8th, 2016 and the Wife Carrying Championship begins at 11am. If you'd like to attempt it and have some fun, click here to sign up.