Will Maine Be Getting Denny’s New 24-Hour Delivery Service?
The short answer is But it probably should have an asterisk next to that answer. In case you missed it, Denny's announced plans to have a 24-hour delivery service from coast-to-coast at their restaurants. According to Nation's Restaurant News, for the launching of this new servi…
International Space Station Gets Shipment of Whiskey
A Japanese company known for its whiskey and other alcoholic beverages delivered a supply of their drink to the International Space Station. The whiskey arrived with 10,000 pounds of cargo that included space walking equipment, an emergency breathing kit and toilet wiring.
Now That’s a Big Tip for One Pizza
A group of real estate agents where holding an agents meeting in Ann Arbor, Michigan and ordered a pizza. Agents from Keller Williams Reality all pitched in to pay for the pizza and the tip. What a tip it was.
Milk in a Bottle for the First Time in 1879
It’s amazing to think that milk first appeared in glass bottles for the first time in the United States 1879 and was a big improvement in hygiene and convenience. Before milk came in a bottle, people would buy it as a bulk item usually from a keg or bucket and put it in any type of container they ha…