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What’s Maine’s Fastest Growing Fast-Food Chain?
The website has complied a cool list of the fastest growing fast-food chains in each of the fifty U.S. states. Their research was from the third quarter of 2015 and fourth quarter of 2015. They requirements also included that each must have at least 40 locations nationwide. Each must have at least 10 locations statewide. Increase of at least five stores (except in cases of super-smal
Discontinued Fast Food Items That We’d Like To Come Back
I think we all enjoy our fast food every once in a while. I love breakfast all day at McDonald's, sometimes I have a Whopper craving. Maybe, Arby's or KFC. Once in a while, a fast food chain will feature an item for a limited time or maybe an old favorite just goes away. Here's a list of eight fast food menu items that MeTv has complied that they would like to see come back.

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