Flying Will Cost More Starting Next Week
Beginning next week July 21, flying will cost more because of TSA fees. The fee also known as the Civil Aviation Security or 9/11 Security fee, used for security, is now $2.50 for each leg of a flight with a cap of $5 or $10 cap on each round tip.
Cool Flight Attendant!
I will fly his flight anytime! Check out the safety instructional information by David on Southwest Airlines!
This made me smile. I HATE rap but I wouldn't mind hearing it at least once!
Should Airlines Have The Right To Charge A ‘Fat Tax’?
An article in this month's Journal of Revenue and Pricing Management, makes the case for airlines to charge a so-called 'fat tax'. The author of the article, Norwegian economist Bharat P. Bhatta, writes that 'all passengers are not alike in terms of their weight and the space the…