After "Lobstah," What's Next?
It's the time of year when the roads are clogged with out of state visitors. Many of us have entertained friends and family, and there's always the inevitable first question: As a prepared Mainer, you have a token answer for them, and take them out for a good time. Thing is, they're around for more …
Frankie Has A ‘Severe Pancake Warning’ For Maine [VIDEO]
How can you forget Frankie MacDonald? He was a video hit with his enthusiastic winter weather forecast that kept us up to date on the latest storm conditions. Well now there is  another storm brewing throughout Maine. This storm is non-weather related and it involves a popular Portland diner an…
National Pancake Day
I have worked at B98.5 for 9 years and EACH year on National Pancake Day I have brought in everything to make yummy, delicious pancakes!
And this year was NO exception!
Party Pancakes!
I may have had Veteran's Day off but that doesn't mean I wasn't hopping at home! It's not every day I get to stay home with my son, Anderson, and spend an ENTIRE day with him. But each day I do, I want to make it as special as possible!
He loves pancakes. He would eat them fo…