FOX Concidering '24' Without Keifer Sutherland
FOX is considering another installment of ‘24’ as early as 2016. In this version, Kiefer Sutherland, may not be involved. Sounds surprising but not really, Sutherland has expressed he doesn’t see himself returning to ‘24’.
New Reality Show, Bagged
Myx TV, an Asian-America entertainment network has a new reality show coming called Bagged. It’s a dating show that relies on personality rather than looks. Three contestants will try to win the heart on one dater, while the dater never sees their faces.
Benton Elementary has an Art Show
The children of Benton Elementary had their Art Show last night and, I have to say, the creations were amazing!
Anderson invited me and his grandparents, Daryl and Sylvia, to see his work last night along with Bradley's. Chad and Brad couldn't go because he had baseball practice but we made…
Electronics Show Debuts Internet-Connected Toothbrush
The Consumer Electronics Show in going on in Las Vegas where the new devices for our future make their debut. One of the talked about products this year is the world’s first internet-connected toothbrush. It’s from a French based company, ‘Kolibree&CloseCurlyQuo…
Johnny Carson Tape Found
Heeeeerrrrrreeeeee’sssss Johnny! We would here that phrase from Ed McMahon every weekday at 11:30 pm when it was time for the Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson. Carson was the night-time king of talk shows watched by millions. Some of the clips and shows from the early years of the…