What Facebook Posts Annoy You? released the study research from Rantic Marketing where they revealed the most annoying Facebook posts in each state. The survey was of around 10,000 people across the country and were broken down into post categories of personal problems, selfies, food pictures, baby pictures, and politi…
Do You Buy Your Dog A Christmas Gift?
According to's Santa Dog Index, it shows that 71 percent of U.S. dog owners will give their dog a gift this holiday season. The national average on how much dog owners will spend is $23.10.
Maine Ranked Most Peaceful State in the Country
Maine ranked as the most peaceful state in the country, performing well in all categories measured. They rated the violent crime rate, murder and non negligent manslaughter, median household income and 2014 unemployment rate.
How Hot Is Too Hot?
Summer is officially here and after the brutal winter we had, I don't think anybody should be complaining about the heat this summer, but you know we will. The weather channel asked residents in the lower 48 states what temperature is too hot for you.
Gun Ownership In America Is Declining
The number of Americans who live in a household with at least one gun is now lower than it's ever been. According to the latest General Social Survey, 32 percent of Americans either own a firearm themselves or live with someone who does, that ties a record low from 2010.

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