Tips On Making Your Yard Sale A Success
Yard sale season is going on in Maine. You are bound to see a yard sale just about every weekend from now until September. But what makes a yard sale successful? I found an article in called '10 Tips for Organizing an Irresistible Yard Sale'. So, if you are planning a yard sale …
Would You Tip The Same?
A proposal that is heading to the ballot in November would triple the base hourly wage for those who rely on tips, like waitstaff and bartenders. If the proposal passes, the base hourly wage would go from $3.75 to $11.25 an hour.
Who are the World’s Best Tippers?
A lot of people work for tips as part of or all of their pay, so it’s good to know who the World’s best tippers are. Trip Advisor conducted a survey across eight countries and 9,000 travelers to find out which country had the biggest tippers.
Christmas Gifts + Tips to Give + How Much
Every year it seems people struggle with the question, 'How much of a holiday tip should I give to the person that supplies services to me during the year?’ Good question because it does vary from service to service. Here’s a few to get you started.