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Need Toilet Paper? The Red Barn Can Help With Dinner & TP
Between the really rough presidential election (that still has not been decided) and the increase in COVID-19 cases, store shelves are starting to look bare again.  Some people are even having a hard time finding even the bare necessities. The toilet paper and paper towel shortage seem to be st…
No More Toilet Paper with the Bidet Buddy
Here’s a way to turn your ordinary toilet into a luxury bidet with the Bidet Buddy. They say the Buddy bidet hooks up in just minutes and requires no pipe cutting, tools or remodeling.
Venezuela is Running Out of Toilet Paper
Food shortages have been common in Venezuela recently from milk and butter to coffee and cornmeal, but now things are getting serious. The country is running out of toilet paper. People have been looking for the bathroom product for two weeks, when one grocery runs out, shoppers head to another in h…