Wheel of Fortune

Funniest Game Show Answers of All Time
I was watching a game show the other day, ‘Family Feud’ I think, and I had to laugh and groan at the same time because of the answers. Dumb answers that made no sense with the question asked.
Wheel of Fortune Turns 40
The game show Wheel of Fortune turns 40 years old this year. The original host was Chuck Woolery and the letter turner was Susan Stafford. The name of the show was Shopper’s Bazaar. Woolery, in a contract dispute, left the show in 1981 and was replaced by Pat Sajak. Vanna White joine…
Man Makes $5 Wager on Jeopardy! Watch What Happens Next!
My family is like clockwork on the couch at 7pm. We all watch 'Wheel of Fortune' together. I'm actually signed up as a 'Wheel Watcher'! Then we get ready for some 'Jeopardy'!
Exciting, right?
Anywho...the returning champion, Artrhur, made a crazy wager. Even Alex Tre…